Gadgets & Gizmos: What To Buy?

We Malaysians absolutely love shopping, it’s a never-ending tale till your money ends.


It’s unquestionable that whenever we encounter the word “Sales”, it triggers temptations. What if it’s a “Clearance Sales”? At a drop of a hat, we rush to join the mushrooming crowd with the frame of mind… Sapu bersih la bro! Even if we are broke, we still do window-shopping, which is free.

Despite the discount, the item should be trendy, comfortable and attracts adulation. “Oh my, it looks so beautiful, how much is it?” Errrmm and we brag with the original price, without discount. Dahsyat la boss!

tumblr_l44nib3sPf1qc2r7fo1_400 offers plenty of sizzling sales for portable electronic devices which are very much essential for our day-to-day activities. As usual, grab your bonanza cashbacks from us and enjoy your shopping. Avoid the crowd and hassle, shop online like a king on your favourite loveseat.

Mini Flexible USB Cooling Fan. Only RM10 (66% off)

Light, easy and up-to-the-minute! Don’t complain and act cool when your classroom or office is having issues with aircond or fan.

10,400 mAh PowerBank + Pouch Bag. Only RM59 (71% off)

Undeniably, the Batman and Robin of the mobile world! We just can’t avoid playing addictive games, remaining active in social medias (sick, sad or smiling – status kena ada!), constantly being in reach, GPS and etc. Powerbank negates depleting battery and they come in various vivacious colours.

Sports Armband for Mobile Phones. Only RM32 (51% off)

With rapidly increasing apps that allows us to measure our daily steps, calories burnt and body water level, it’s great to have your phone along during your runs. Trust me, you look awkward while jogging with eyes on your phone. Sports armband comes in various sizes and colours.

5-USB Port Home Charger. Only RM56.43 (79% off)

This seriously gives us euphoria! Charge your phone, Ipad and laptop all together. Saves time and rescues your friends’ device too. Its compact, easy to carry and a wow-factor device. You have the Ironman feel right away.

Steering Wheel Phone Holder. Only RM15.50 (69% off)

For your safety and to ensure you’re on track to your destination. Clip it onto your steering wheel, access the GPS and calls with ease.

Korea Unique Phone Case. Only RM50 (50% off)

You might have a cracked screen, damaged chassis or simply an outdated phone. Chill and cover it up with these elegant and stylish phone cases. Comes in 5 different models that fit guys and girls. Being stylish isn’t only enjoying, also expressing yourself.

Spy Sunglass DVR Video Recorder + Gift. Only RM99 (67% off)

James Bond vibes for sure! Grab this video recorder which supports up to 8GB and easily transfer data to PC with the USB cabling provided. The best-selling model for Mini Spy Sunglasses, terbaik!

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