5 Good Courses You Should Seriously Consider


Life’s a pitch they say.  Well, in some sense it is true.  Definition of pitch simply means to erect or set up (tent, camp or the like).  Life is all about what we make out of it.  We build hopes and dreams one brick at a time, moving on from one phase to another.

Call it anything you want, revision, study groups or even exam bootcamp.  Some even call it Chinese water torture! Unless you’re Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, the only way to a good future, is to have a career in one of the highest paying jobs.  Now, to achieve that, you’ll need at least a good diploma or any special skills and experience to even be in that league.

Ditching school certainly won’t jive with what our parents drummed into us growing up.  It is something you have to do, whether you like it or not.  Not many could’ve been so lucky to have an education path set out clearly for them, or getting a basic core training skills for that matter.

The ability to be in various locations but study from the same set of online notes is a major advantage.  For instance, if you are unable to attend university or college in the traditional way, you may already be conducting a large part of your studies online through the 24/7 accessibility to your study resources.  Study anytime, anywhere!

Of course, the main aim behind online courses is simply to provide the best educational experience which will help students from all walks of life achieve their goal of obtaining better things in life.

It does not have to be all hard work all the time.  These modern days, online tuitions are very much sought after as it is deemed to be an effective way to help expand knowledge base that you may have in your area of study.  Since digital communications is fast becoming more streamlined through our laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktops, this is your chance to get that qualification that you’ve always wanted!

What’s that I hear?  Time for a serious discussion, hey?  Well, what are you waiting for then?  Out with the boring online training experiences and in with creative studying environment at your own time!

Give these suggestions a try and never look back.

#1  Online Project Management Course, RM260

For corporate professionals seeking top job in the field of project management, proper qualifications is essential.  Now you will have the opportunity to get a specialized online course from a reputable training and crash-course institute in various skill based subjects to enhance your project management skills in no time!

There are tonnes of tools that you can apply immediately perhaps to your IT projects – to ensure you deliver it on time, within budget, and with fewer headaches.  Learn from the subject matter experts and develop elite management expertise.

#2  Online English Course with Certification from Cambridge Academy, RM79

For most people, public speaking can create high level of anxiety, high stress and fear.  Give yourself an experience to overcome these mixed feelings and transform them into your benefit so you can come across to your audience as an enthusiastic person instead.  There are so many mixed messages in a conversation or even in verbal presentation. By enhancing your English language with fantastic online course, you will have more clarity and focus with your language, and you’ll see how easy it is to communicate your audience.

#3  Online Floral Arrangement Course, RM88

The success of a florist shop often depends much on the floral designer’s talent.  This course will take you through the fundamentals of theory, techniques and skills currently blooming in the floral industry.

Proper care, handling techniques of fresh flowers, flower classification and botanical identification are also reviewed in the lessons.  Practical techniques to create memorable designs are also accented in the course.

#4  Online Photography & Photo Editing Course (worth RM184.50) with Lifetime Access, RM48

Ever wondered why many professionals out there decides to quit his/her job to pursue a profession of their interest?  Few have tried and succeeded but for most of us, it still remains as one of the dreams.  Of course, the financial security of leaving a 9 to 6 job to be your own boss is the first drawback that would come into your mind when making such big decisions.

However, with the onset of digital photography and photo editing technology, the industry sees a rapid growth in customer segment which has expanded to a global market making it one of the most lucrative industry to be tapped into.

You too can now be on the start of a new career doing what you like to do the most and still make a decent living.  Get hooked with the step-by-step photography and digital photo editing course and renew your passion and confidence to give you the edge to gain new clients.

#5 Online Body Language Course, RM48

First impression is always the best.  Master the secret of reading body language with this exclusive online course.  Body language extends beyond words to complex interplay of styles and effects.

It encompasses a diverse set of humanly expressions which includes facial and gestures expression to make it far more relevant than actual words.  For the wise ones out there, they’ll surely realize that body language extends aggressive support to your communication delivery.  This course will take you through some of the important aspects of your breathing pattern, posture, gesture, hand movements, eye contact, attention, etc.

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