Acumen of Accessories: It’s More Than What You Think

Accessories are items with loud statements. It corroborates outfit, from good-looking to fabulous in a wink. Living in an era, where torn jeans are mirrored fashion, be audacious to try new makeovers without actually changing your dressing style.

Drill down your memory lane. Remember that Power Rangers watch or Naruto wristband that got you so excited 20 years ago?  Accessories have already been a hotbed since then.

Here are few reasons why you need to give equal importance to accessories just as clothing.

Getaway from Unexciting Regalia

Remedy for those who are still stuck with zaman uniform. Yes, despite finishing school, numerous offices run-through we-are-all-the-same concept. Good etiquettes. But then how to pikat that dream girl of yours where you’re just another sheep among the flock. Try adding up elegant watches, bracelets and glasses with up-to-the-minute frames (


The moment you walk into the office, confetti and cheers of wwooooowww.

Chops the Time

Racing against time to reach work before your boss bising, we don’t even have time for breakfast or iron clothes, then from where gonna dress to kill? Yes, masa itu emas, but don’t la cemas, accessories are there to rescue. Wrap your plain tee with a vibrant scarf or an elegant leather jacket.


50% off for a wow-factor blazer that’s comes along with cashbacks.

Reduces your Budget

Sunweb Chain

Rather than getting yourself bundles of clothing, get a dozen of accessories that you can mix and match with ease. Have anyone complained to you, bro why same chain or bracelet always? Uphold yourself with an artistic geometric necklace for just RM15.37. Memang berbaloi aite!

It Just Gives You That Celebrity Vibes


Big shinny earrings and stylish hairdos, apa la Cristiano Ronaldo laa. We all do follow specific celeb or trend but find it hard to reveal. You love Linkin Park to the core but can you actually get inked like them, long hair and illusory piercings? Like it or not, Ops Cantas awaits you. Get a rock-star bracelet; match it with dark shades and leather coat. Your name will be automatically added into the annual dinner performance list.

The Best Gift Ideas

The shirt you bought ah, too small/big laarr. How many times have these statements got you irate? Play safe with what you give. Belts are adjustable to sizes, wallets are merely the same design and each keychains are collectable. Still short of ideas? Randomly pick attractive handbags for your girlfriend all the time. She will never say she has enough. If she does say, continue the same trick with bracelets or chains.

Finally, You’ve Got to Start Now…..

Sadly, beauty doesn’t last forever. Wrinkles, grey hair will eventually say hello one day, no matter how much money you have. On the other hand, being stylish utterly overrides these circumstances. It’s never too late to get glittering pearl chains or ostentatious watches. You’ll restore that young vibes once again. Remember, age is only a number. However, if it’s your first step into fashion involving accessories, seek online blogs such as Lazada, because you don’t wanna end up like a Christmas tree.

Care for your aesthetic and all eyes will be on you. To cut short, style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

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