Apps to Help your Purse/Wallet

There are apps for almost everything in this day and age. Apps to help you locate the nearest coffee joint, apps to communicate with cats, apps to help you find love, apps to do your grocery shopping, and even apps to help you sleep!


Technology is a wondrous tool that has changed our lives and never more so in the field of financial planning. You see, financial planning doesn’t have to involve you paying some ludicrous amount of money to attend a seminar teaching you how to plan your financial life. It can come in a simple, handheld app.

Here are five financial planning apps that are free to download and use. Best of all, they are available to download for both iOS and Android (and some even Windows) operating systems.



Mvelopes (which sounds like ‘envelopes’) is an app that allows you to track your online bank accounts and monitor all cash flowing in and out. After downloading, the app will take you through a series of questions that will ultimately let the app sync up with up to four of your personal bank accounts and will track any online transactions you make. You will also be able to set a fixed budget for various fields like rental, travel and food. Available on available on appstore and google play.



Mint is one of the most popular free apps available and its main attraction points is that it features alerts in the form of yellow or red bars when your budget for a certain field goes very near or over the limit you have set. It also features a very user friendly interface that gives you a holistic view of your finances for the month. Available on appstore, google play and windows.



Expansify’s most attractive feature is called ‘SmartScan’ which allows users to photograph, categorize and tag receipts so you can keep a detailed documentation of all your transactions. This app is also extremely useful for freelancers as there is “Track Distance” and “Track Time” to document the amount of work time and travel distance for future claiming purposes. Available on appstore, google play and windows.



This is a very simple app that syncs up with your bank account and functions with and easy swipe right or swipe left option to confirm or reject the validity of a bank transaction as they happen. After swiping, you can pull back into an ‘Overall’ graph that shows your spending habits for the month. The app also prevents your credit card from being misused.Available on available on appstore and google play.

Level Money


Level Money does not only sync up with your bank accounts and tracks your recurring payments and spending patterns. After that, it comes up with recommendations on how much you can spend daily and save monthly. It is extremely interactive as it tracks your spending in real time. Available on available on appstore and google play.

All in all, we hope that these apps will help you. However, none of these apps should be used as a replacement for professional financial help in the case of serious financial management issues.

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