Colour Your Stress Away

Life is hectic and full of pressure. Most likely stress and tension are caused by work and study.

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What do you do to put your stress away? Sleeping? Gaming? Eating? Working out? Listening to music? So, nothing from the list is working out to put away stress? What if I tell you that colouring can actually put away your stress? Nah, we’re not talking about children colouring book, we’re talking about the adult colouring book.

“Secret Garden” and “Enchanted Forest” are created by Johanna Basford with the intention of using stress relief therapy to help people undergo their bad days in life.

The popularity of this colouring book increased drastically since its exposure on the Korean TV drama series named Blood and Producer. Or perhaps due to popularity of Korean TV drama series, the adult colouring book is being brought up so many times in social media especially by the Koreans. Moreover, the title of the book is being translated into many languages too.

Since Malaysia has tons of Korean drama fans, this adult colouring is getting their high attention too. People are asking around the source to get this book.

Originally, the purpose of this book is to release tension. Now that the demand for this book is increasing, it’s either the people are too stress with life, or they are too fond of just following the trend.

Anyway, it’s hoped that this book can overwhelm you with joy and sense of achievement instead of stress.


This is the Korean version, where you see it from Korean TV drama series such as Blood and Producer.

2Enchanted Forest is another theme for the colouring book. Pay attention to the detail when colouring as you will find the animals hiding among the flora!

colouring-cafe-adult-anti-stress-coloring-book-3073-9907472-1-zoomThe themes for the colouring books aren’t only restricted to flora and fauna. If you ever had a dream of owning a café, you can fulfil your fantasy by putting colours on the dream café that you like!

4Here’s another theme majoring in animals. Utilize your imagination by turning a yellow tiger into a blue one or any colour that you like!

faber-castell-tri-grip-colour-pencil-24l-item-no-b05-10-5264-136566-1-zoomWait, how are you going to colour the book without colour pencils? As a beginner, it’s the best to take the most basic colour pencil set with 24 colours.

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