Get Your Favourite Hair Colours Done!

Source: giphy.gif
Source: giphy.gif

Girl, aren’t you bored with your current hair colour? If you do, then it’s time to get a new hair colour done for a fresh look!

Copper Red

Source: harpersbazaar
Source: harpersbazaar

Chestnut Red


Strawberry Red


Monotonal Brunette


Caramel Blonde

SourceL harpersbazaar
SourceL harpersbazaar

You can find out that most of the hair colours in the list are of red as the major. This is because Malaysia is all year round summer and it is the best representation of the hotness!

Choose the colour that you like from the list and visit a salon nearby!

Liese Bubble Hair Color Cassis Berry, RM37.90 – Lazada

2You think that you can handle your hair at home? Buy a pack of bubble hair dye of your favourite colour from the list!

Bluelans Easy Non-toxic Hair Chalk Dye Soft Hair Pastels Kit 24 Colors, RM68 – Lazada


Add some highlights to your hair! The colour chalk is washable. Whenever you feel like changing another shade of highlight, just do it as you pleased.

L´Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color Shampoo – 500ml, RM81.04 – Ensogo

4Protect your favourite hair colour on a daily basis so that it lasts longer before the next list of trendy hair colour is out!

L’Oreal Mythic Oil, RM29 – Ensogo


In case your hair gets dehydrated during the process of dying, moisturize it with hair care oil so that it can be combed smoothly.

Show off your great hair with your favourite colour today! Shop now with Getex to receive cash back reward to maximize your shopping pleasure!

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