Have You Gone “Hun” Yet?

Hun hairstyle is the latest trend! You have no idea of what “Hun” is? Opps, sorry, my bad. Let me give you a brief introduction of what “Hun” hairstyle is.

Hun is the blend word of half and bun. It’s a hairstyle where half of the hair is tied in a bun and the rest is loose. Take a look of the following picture of Hun hairstyle.

Source: pinterest.com
Source: pinterest.com

pinterest 2

Since Hun hairstyle is only involving the half top part of your hair, regardless of you’re having long or short hair, you definitely can bring out Hun hairstyle in your own unique way!

Hun hairstyle is the perfect hairdo for summer. Since Malaysia is summer all year round, it’s great to go HUN!

I bet you already start tying your Hun while reading this eh? Here are some awesome summer fashion ideas you could match with Hun hairstyle.

Pineapple Paradise Crop Top, RM47 – whitesoot.com


The cute pineapple graphics will give you a refreshing look. Since Malaysia is hot, you too should show the other side of your hotness with this cropped top!

Hayley Shorts – Black, RM 56 – PrettyChase


Black shorts are match able with any tops. Just randomly pick one of the shirts in your wardrobe and you’re good to go!

Woman Classic Canvas Shoes in Navy by TOMS, RM199 – fashionvalet.com


What girls need are not heels that make them look elegant. In fact, they need a pair of comfortable canvas shoes for a more enjoyable journey to wherever they want!

Leopard Earrings in Gold, RM31.69 – fashionvalet.com


Since tying a Hun will reveal your pair of beautiful ears, you should decorate your ears with a pair of leopard earrings!

Zendaya Bucket Bag, RM129 – bagbeg.com


Girls can never get enough of space for a bag. But this big bucket bag can fit in anything you need perfectly. In case you’re going for a short trip, this bag is the best you can get. Carry as a backpack or shoulder bag according to your liking!

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