Honey, It’s Time To Pamper YOURSELF!!


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Life is hectic and we’re all busy juggling its daily challenges. Mind boggling? Yes! From crazy deadlines, cranky bosses, traffic jam, mind-numbing people, relationships and the list goes on.

Image source: www.cosmopolitan.co.uk
Image source: www.cosmopolitan.co.uk

Because of this, we kinda forget to take care of ourselves.

Image source: someecards.com
Image source: someecards.com

Familiar eh? Maybe it’s time to pamper yourself. Here are some of the places that can help you re-emerge yourself into regular life as a spruced up human being, without tearing your pocket (yes, we heard you).

Figureline: 2.5-hour Clinical Acne Facial/ Bio-Essential Facial, RM29


Ways to maintain a glowing complexion include using exfoliating washes, consuming fruit juices, and getting plenty of goodnight smooches. Put a smile on that face with today’s Groupon: for RM29, you get a 2.5-hour facial treatment package (RM210 value) from Figureline.


Kunzense Bodyline Hydrating & Collagen Facial, from RM38


Well, let’s face it.  Skin care is not the most popular subject for majority of the men around the world, compared to women.  Let’s ditch that. Kunzense Bodyline, will make you look much more appealing than before.


Facial First: Rejuvenating Facial, RM58


Armed with Skin Nutrition skincare products from the US, Facial First’s trained therapists administer various spa treatments available including facial, massage, and eyebrow shaping.

 Philip Wain’s La Colline Cellular Vital Facial, from RM68


What’s the way to a beautiful skin free of redness and pigmentation you ask?  This offer by the award-winning Asian Beauty franchise, Philip Wain, is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

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