Interior Design: Get It Right!

Ever walked into a room and the first thing coming out of your mouth is “Wow” or Yikes”. While on most other occasions the feeling is “Oh, just another plain old room”.


We all wish our bedroom, living room and office room could be more pleasant to live in.

Really, there’s no mystery in getting your room(s) to look picture perfect or have that top Arty-Farty look. All you really need is to apply the 7 Rules of Interior Design.

#1 Identify and list the functions of your rooms

For example, living room -you might want areas for watching TV, listening to music, displaying things or having a bar.

#2 Zone these functions accordingly

Zones in a Home

#3 Draw a scale plan with measurements included e.g. room and furniture dimensions, taking into account human ergonomics

Zoning & Planning 2

#4 Choose your theme for each room, i.e. color or style; or a combination of the two


#5 Choose a wall that stands out against the rest of the room 

This wall becomes the focal point of a room as one enters it or when viewed wall from other vantage points.


#6 Identify and choose, where and what type of lights to put in a room

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#7 Make sure you have ample storage

Not only enough for current use, but also for future needs.

By following these 7 guides you will get a room that is more organised and not overly decorated.

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