It’s A Feast Road Trip!

Who we are? Malaysians!

What we love? Food! Food! Food!


Living in a multiracial country, we are generously spoilt with lip-smacking choices! But are we making the full use of it?

Enough of convincing yourself, having “Penang” Char Keoy Teow at an unknown food court at Cheras while muttering boleh tahan jer laaa.

When was the last time you went on a food hunt? Exclude malls and mediocre restaurants that you know the owner till the dishwashers. How many times have you watched food travel programs while commenting – this fellow so lucky ha, can eat all the best food. So can you!


The ultimate paradise to pleasure your palate!


“Kuah Campur”, “Ayam Masak Merah”, “Nasi Tambah” and the next blink, sapuuu bersihhhhh liaooo.

Raise the curtain, this heaven on a plate has magnetized zealots from around the world, nasi kandar. Richly aromatic and spiced curries with never ending gravies to choose from, it’s a party in your mouth. Join the soaring long queue while watching lickety-split curry campur skills.


Quencher queen for every thirsty traveler – Penang Road Chendol! Shaved ice, topped with gula Melaka, cooling pandan jelly, red beans and coconut milk. Hit this street and you’ll feel walking into a King’s dining hall from sizzling Char Keoy Teow till Curry Mee awaiting you. Get raw and rumbustious with foodies from around the world.

Kuala Terengganu

Duh, I’m sick with traffics and mushrooming buildings everywhere! Keep calm and welcome to tranquil Terengganu.


Deep fried and served with spicy sauce, we Malaysian go head over heels for it. It’s close to crime visiting this soothing east coast and not trying the keropok lekor. Perfect snack to whet your appetite. The taste is miles apart from what you get in city which is 70% flour while here it’s mostly fish proportion. Hold on, there are also squid lekors!

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.


Have you tried laksa made from coconut milk and you’ve got to use your hands to eat? Laksam – Thick rice noodles, garnished with chopped raw bean sprouts, torch ginger flower, raw herbs and long beans with grated belacan. Unique tongue twister that you can’t find anywhere else.

Johor Bharu

Bustling city encircled with enhancing views and food variety.


No doubt, otak-otak! A dish downright obsessed by Malaysians as well as Singaporeans. Nothing beats originality. Thick, chunky fish/crab or prawn meat mixed with wallop of spices and grilled over charcoal fire.


Gigantic crabs topped with spicy gravies, deep-fried calamari and never-ending fish choices ready for “bakar” – Tepian Tebrau is a true-blue seafood jamboree. First bite, you’ll forget the surrounding till the final dot of kuah. Enjoy the pleasurable views of Johor Straits.

Note: If you’re wearing white, be ready to face your mum.

Ok next, banana cake. All the way here just for a piece of cake? Not an ordinary banana cake, baked over an old-school wood fire oven since 1919 – HIAP JOO BAKERY & BISCUIT FACTORY. Moist, spongy and addictive!

Return home as a gastronomical guru! Moreover, it somewhat relates to life too. Get off your comfort zone and go extra mile, in the end results are always worth the effort.

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