It’s A New Smartphone Era!

The world of smartphone is very competitive. It’s so much more competitive than any other digital devices available. The reason is simple and obvious. It’s convenient. You can do everything with your smartphone such as texting, web surfing, photo taking and so much more you can name of. Owning one device is like owning a few devices all together. This is why people’s addiction to smartphone is so heavy that they can’t live without it.

Imagine that you’re asked not to use your phone for a day, would you be able to go through your day?

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What if your phone is lost? How will you feel?

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It’s normal to get panicked when you lost it eh? Since it’s your important “property”, but you get panicked more like the information you have lost together with it.

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Putting the story aside, smartphone is accessible to internet (which is what makes it smart!). As the quality of information from internet is getting higher, the processor of smartphone needs to catch up with the pace so that it will be able to load the images and information faster and smoother. However, you may constantly experience “lagging” performance if you’re holding an “out-dated” phone.

Is your current phone’s speed annoying you? If you’re going to change your phone to serve you better, I guess you need to take a look at the following range of smartphones from Samsung.

“Hmm…I just changed my phone and I have no budget for a new one.”

Most of the retail shops nowadays are offering trade in program, if your smartphone is still maintained in a very good condition; you can trade in at a great price to cover the purchase of your new phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB, RM2699 – Lazada

1Another big launch Samsung fans are excited about! It’s the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with 32GB. Physically, the design is level up to be looking more sleek and premium. The functions are all upgraded to perform better too.

Can’t wait to own it? Ya, me too. I am going to get it once my pay check is in! 😛

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, RM2697 – Rakuten


Which has been launched not long ago, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has received much love from the fans. Broke the traditional flat screen design, it comes with the edge screen designs where you can hold your phone comfortably and get instant access to your favourite app from the edge with just single hand!

Samsung Galaxy A8, RM2022 – Value Basket


Having a budget constraint? No problem, you can opt for Samsung Galaxy A8 which is more affordable than the newly launched product. It is capable with 5.7” Super AMOLED FHD display, where you can enjoy movies and dramas in a more pleasure way!

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