K-Pop Kind Of Eyeliner

Korean eye line makeup is the latest trend. Everyone is imitating the makeup style of Korean ladies because they look extremely adorable! Eye line makeup does quite a pretty magic too. It can transform your eyes looking bigger and more attractive (even if you have single eye lid)!

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It doesn’t need to be a complicated makeup routine. By just drawing simple eye line on the eye lid of your pair of beautiful eyes, it will elevate your appearance to be more energetic and stunning!

However, drawing a perfect eye line takes time.

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And when it smudges…. It will get you very annoyed!

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All you need is very useful eyeliner which is able to help you drawing a perfect eye line within the shortest period of time! Check out the “magic tools” Koreans are using to draw eye line!

Make Up Forever Eyeliner Set, RM58 – Lazada


If you get bored with traditional black and brown eye line colour, go for some colours to hype up your appearance. You will definitely love this auto gel eyeliner by Yadah. It’s extremely easy to apply without smudging.

3CE – 3 Concept Eyes Eyeliner – Lazada


Going for a beach party but you don’t feel like letting your eye line make up goes smeared? Try this eyeliner by 3CE! Not only it is water proof, it can make your appearance looking energetic overall too! Dunk yourself into a pool of water? No problem!   

Etude House – Play 101 Pencil, RM32 – Lazada


Need multipurpose eyeliner? “Hmm…I thought that eyeliner is only supposed for drawing eye line?” Uh uh, Play 101 Pencil from Etude House is not only just any ordinary eyeliner, it can be used as lipstick, eye shadow, as well as blush. All you need is just one pencil and get everything done. 😉

APEX BEAUTE – Apex Long Wear Gel Liner (6 Colours To Choose), RM25.70 – Hermo.my


Long lasting is what most girls are looking for in cosmetic products. Especially for office ladies, they need to keep the make up in shape for as long as 8 hours. Apex Long Wear Gel Liner can do a great work of not going smeared even if you wear it for long hours!

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Auto Eyeliner, RM22.80 – Hermo.my


Any makeup newbies here? In case you’re not confident enough to start “drawing” on your eye lid, (and I know keeping wiping the eyeliner off is a bit annoying and a waste of time too!) this eyeliner from Holika Holika can help you to gain confidence because it’s super easy to use even for first timer. Zero mistake!

There’re no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. Turning yourself into a stunning lady is not as difficult as it sounds. By merely using eyeliner, you can make yourself look more energetic and presentable in just 5 minutes (depends on your skills though :P)!   

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