Apparently, Malaysia is now famous due to the intense brouhaha that is currently happening. No doubts, we, Malaysians, are quite overwhelmed with all these commotions. To make it even worse, these negativities are also tearing us apart at the moment.

We may have our differences, but let’s put that all aside for a little while and think about the little things that bring us all together. After all, being Malaysian is pretty much a unique thing. Nothing can beat our culture and rojak-ness.


Here is a few little things that make me and you a true blue Malaysian. They are nothing new though. Just a little reminder.

#1 We use more than one language in a sentence
You don’t believe me hai mai? You need example? Here is one: “Anneh, tapau for me roti canai satu.”  Living in a multiracial country has its plus point, I must say.

#2 The power of HANDS
Source: jinnyboytv

Just by putting your hands up in front of you, you can stop any types of vehicles, so that they can give you way. It also helps when you want to enter a building with guards. It’s that powerful!

#3 Mamak is our savior


We, Malaysians are hungry 24/7.  Sometimes we’re just bored, so we tend to lepak at mamak and eat instead. It’s just our culture. Plus, it’s kinda like our favourite spot to be at during football and badminton season. Mamak brings us all together.

#4 We can go gaga over MILO


This is very true because even Australians don’t know what Milo is. On top of that, we can be creative on how we want our MILO to be – Roti Milo, Milo Dinasour, Milo Tabur and the list goes on.  Let’s not forget the MILO Truck – heaven!

#5 The ‘lah’ effect
You can use it for everything. “Can lah!” , “Dunno lah!” , “Hot lah!” Well, that’s what makes us Malaysian lah basically.

#6 Everyone is our BOSS, UNCLE, AUNTY,KAKAK, ABANG…you know what I mean?
No, we don’t have any connections or anything. It doesn’t make any sense but this is just how we talk.  “Akak, kopi satu!” or “Boss, you think you can fix it ah?”

#7 The cheaper, the better. FREE? Ngam la!


We can go crazy over discounts and sales. Not to mention, free items. Probably it is because of our culture, to bargain for cheaper price. “So, expensive ah?” , “If you give me discount, I buy now!”or “Got free gift or not?

#8 We LOVE our public holidays

Source: tumblr

Malaysia has a lot of public holidays. We are fortunate this way. It is something that we look forward every month.

I think I should stop here. Why? Because the list will just go on and on and it will be a never ending article. 


Anyways, as we are approaching our 58th Merdeka celebration, Getex Malaysia is running a campaign called #WeAreTheVoice. Check out facebook/getexmy and let us know what makes you Malaysian.

Until then, buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih.

Happy Merdeka, everybody!

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