Phone Holder: Accessory or Necessity?

People nowadays are living with smartphone. Literally, living with it. Regardless of whether they’re eating, working, or even before sleeping, smartphone will always be in the scenario. Besides, people are heavily relying on smartphone when driving too.


GPS and navigation application are playing a well role for road direction. This is the major reason why people are using smartphone while driving. (Well, if you don’t count on the excuse to use smartphone during traffic jam.)

So, a phone holder is equivalently important for every driver too. Let’s take a look of why phone holder is a MUST for you.

  • Prevent Distraction

Holding smartphone with your hands will cause a form of distraction. You need full attention on the road and your hands need to be in control of the sterling. Car phone holder will be able to lend you a hand by holding it for you.

  • Better Vision

If you need GPS for navigation, you can have a better vision to view clearly the route that you need to take.

  • Listen Better

In case you’re a very busy person that you can’t even afford to miss a phone call while driving, put on loud speaker and you will be able to answer call without hassles.

  • Easy Access To Music

You can’t live a second without music? No problem, by using a phone holder, you can easy access to the music you like from your smartphone.

  • Play Movie

A long trip can be boring. You can play some movie for your passengers so that everyone in the car will be able to watch it together instead of just letting one person holding it. Uh uh, driver still need full attention on driving. This benefit is more likely for the passengers.

Need a phone holder but don’t know which one is good? Here’s a few options for you.

GripGo Universal Car Mount Phone Holder, RM22 – Lazada


The super sticker feature will be able to hold your smartphone firmly even without the grip.

Multi-Functional Universal Mobile Phone Holder, RM35 – Streetdeal


Black is too dull as the colour of phone holder? There is blue, red, white and yellow. For sure your favourite colour is in the list.

Phone Holder Bracket, RM24.90 – Streetdeal


The flexible arm is the perfect feature for you to adjust different angle and distance for your vision.

Avantree Lighter Cradle Mount with Charge – Ace2, RM55 – mRuncit

5Need your smartphone for navigation but the battery is running low? This phone holder can multitask! It plays two roles of holder and phone charger at the same time!

Now you have no excuse for not owning a car holder! What are you waiting for? Shop now with Getex to receive cash back rewards for more benefits to come!

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