Ramen Just Wanna Have Fun, And Then Some

If there is a zombie apocalypse tearing up our city, ramen has to be one of the ultimate survival foods we can’t live without. Okay, maybe that is too exaggerated but let’s face it… ramen does play an integral part of our daily lifestyle.


Those who are single or living on their own would definitely understand the importance of ramen. Frankly, it’s easy to know why. Ramen is easy to prepare, inexpensive and best of all… it’s a versatile noodle dish as long as you work up your creative juice. So we all know about ramen, but how much do we really know about it? Here are the fun facts:

No kidding, ramen has its own museum!

instant ramen museum

If you travel to Osaka in Japan, there’s a museum dedicated to the history of ramen and it is called “The Instant Ramen Museum”. And yes, ramen was originated from Osaka.

From earth to space

space ram

Momofuku Ando – yes, the creator of the instant ramen – set a milestone by inventing “Space Ram”. It’s a vacuum-packed instant ramen made especially for Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi during his space trip in 2005.

Japanese Ramen Soup Bowl, RM19.90 – Lazada

japanese ramen soup bowl

Enjoying your favourite ramen at home would never be mundane anymore with this traditional black-and-red Japanese bowl.

Ramen ain’t cheap the first time around

ramen 1958

We all know that ramen is a cheap and affordable meal, but not so when it was first introduced in Japan. Back in 1958, Ando’s “Chicken Ramen” amounted at a whopping SIX times the cost of fresh udon noodles!

Cup Noodle Cheese Curry, RM8.94 -Rakuten

cup noodle cheese curry

Bored with the same old curry ramen? Spice up your taste bud with this savoury cheese curry flavour.

Ramen is actually inspired from the Chinese invention

lo mein

Ando wouldn’t have made history if not for the Chinese. Here’s the thing: ramen is inspired by the Chinese’s lo mein (stir-fry wheat noodles). The only significant difference about the Japanese ramen – it is made as instant noodles.

3D World Discovery – Japanese Ramen Cart, RM19 – Lazada

3d world discovery - japanese ramen cart

Why settle for just eating ramen when you can collect them? If you love all things ramen, this amazing 3D puzzle of the Japanese ramen cart will definitely wow you over!

No doubt that ramen is one of the greatest inventions ever made in the history of mankind. In fact, even the Fuji Research Institute agreed that ramen topping the No.1 list in their survey.

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