Reality Check: Back-To-The-Future 2

At last, it is here! Back To The Future Day.


21st of October, 2015, is the date that Marty Macfly and Dr Emmet “Doc” travels to in “Back To The Future II”.


No doubt, it’s a film that evoked our imagination at full stretch and amped up positive sensations that future is bright. The enormously popular movie juggled our brain and registered afterthought that give us exceptional visceral vibes till now.

So, lets see what the film got right… and wrong about 2015.

# Hoverboards


Hoverboards completely hogged the headlines back then and our parents were downright waiting for it to happen. Errrmm, we’re still not there, but feisty efforts are ongoing, fairly sparking hope that it’s coming soon to enrich coziness or dump us into laziness, it can go either way. A company in California is working on Hendo 2, board using powerful electromagnets to hover and move freely across a metal floor. Well, the launch date need no further promotions, it’s on upcoming Wednesday!

Time to change pavements to metals folks….

# Self-lacing Shoes


How cool is that? Life would be much easier for parents and children have additional liberty to stroll around. Good news is, Nike is utterly putting efforts to deliver pair of Mag h-tip sneakers with motors so that laces tie themselves. Keep Going Nike! Meanwhile, ignore the trouble of tying and trendy without laces. Gettooo…

# Flying Cars


This was the real draw in the movie that got everyone dumbfounded; flying cars, how amazing is that? With the current hike of toll charges in Malaysia, imagine soaring above the toll. Unfortunately, this is yet to happen.

Hold on, actually it’s happening, Terrafugia unveiled a prototype of flying car few months back, Aeromobil 3.0 which can travel 400 miles on one trip yet it’s only to hit production once testing is done and dusted. Take your time folks, biar lambat asalkan selamat….


Life is going to get tougher for Superman and Ironman, turn left and right before flying in open air. It’s risky you know.

# Rejuvenation clinics


Alright, this is what Doc Brown said when he went to a rejuvenation clinic: “I went to a rejuvenation clinic and got an all-natural overhaul. They took out some wrinkles, did a hair repair, changed the blood and added a good 30 to 40 years to my life. They also replaced my spleen and colon.”

Sadly, there is no such thing. However, if it happens, the world would cherish with people grinning all the way. Hair salons rule the market and no more advantages for senior citizens because there won’t be any.

# Dog-walking Robots


Why walk men’s best friend when drones are combating evils, respite for many families. Wooohooo!

For now, let’s just enjoy the right things that the movie predicted.

# Big Flat Screen Television & Video Conferencing


Bull’s-eye! Almost each and every home is equipped with such television today. Poor Marty got sacked by his boss via an enormous wall-mounted flat screen, size of a single bed.

Today, Skype, Face time and many more apps inside our smartphone and wherever on earth, your boss can video call and fire you.

# Thumbprint Recognition


Yes, Apple Iphone does have such features and surely it’s going to spread across all technologies. Access your fridge with your own thumbprint, the cake is safe and secured till you get back home.

To wrap it up, there are plenty of things that has changed our life wasn’t predicted in the movie. They did spoke about electronic connectivity in the movie, but not the internet. Well, the director isn’t a fortune teller lah, but he came close. Honestly, we still have not spotted anyone strolling around with double-tie. Did you?

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