Say CHEEEESSE: To Instax Or Not?

Photos are the physical proof of the most precious memories one can ever have. Besides, capturing photos is also a form of remembrance to a special day and happy moments. As camera has become so important to people, more and more models of digital camera are being invented. Smartphone is not getting left behind too. Built in camera has ease most photography lovers to capture their special memories without carrying a heavy camera around.


What about instax camera? Do you use instax camera to capture photos instead of using smartphone and digital camera? If you don’t, after listening to the reasons below, you will love instax camera!

  • Unique Photos

Unlike digital camera and smartphone, you cannot retake or delete a photo with instax camera. If you have taken a wrong photo, there is no reverse. This is not a disadvantage, instead, this is what make your each and every of the photo unique because you get to capture a moment only once.

  • Instant Printing

Instax camera uses films to record photos and it instantly print it out the moment you capture it. Save your routine to visit a photo printing shop!

  • Film Decoration

There is a wide variation of the films design. The classic films are in white colour but if you like to have some designs to match your photos, you can purchase the films with colours and designs. This makes your photos more unique!

  • Light Weight

No worry! Instax camera is not heavy at all! You can carry it around with a special designed bag and bring it to any occasion where you need to capture special moments.

  • Great For Scrapbook

Instax photos are the perfect materials to decorate your scrapbook and give it away as present.

Special Bundle: Blue Fujifilm Instax Camera Mini 8 + Blue Classic Leather Case + Crystal Case + Instax Mini Film, RM349 – Ensogo


This is the perfect bundle for starter! Instax camera, leather case, protective case and films are all sold in one package at reasonable price.


2Taking photos with instax camera can be addictive! You will need more films to not miss out any great moments you wish to capture.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Cartoon 2x Mini Film, RM79.80 – Lazada

3Plain films bore you? Get some cartoon films to beautify your photos!

Candy Coloured Mini Instax Album, RM21.33 – Streetdeal


You don’t want your photos went missing, do you? Keep them well with an album specially made for instax photos!

Limited Edition Pink Hello Kitty Fujifilm Instax Mini, RM409 – Ensogo


Despite of the square design, instax camera is available in unique designs too. Take a look at this Hello Kitty limited edition instax camera. If you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, you must definitely own it!

Grab your own instax camera now before they’re running out of stock. Create your precious memories, start from instax camera!

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