The Hangover: The Bizarre Case Of Around-The-World Cure

bizarre hangover cure

The above title is neither a sequel to the 2013’s “The Hangover Part III” nor a prequel to the 2009’s “The Hangover”. You know, that hit comedy which starred Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms. Instead, we are talking about some of the bizarre hangover remedies favoured by different countries.

Pad Kee Mao (Thailand)

Pad Kee Mao (Thailand)

Literally translated as “drunken noodles”, this dish won’t make you end up performing drunken fist like Jackie Chan from “Drunken Master”. It may look like an ordinary char kuey teow, but rest assured it is not. Thanks to the amount of spice in this dish, you’ll be busy experiencing burning sensation around your tongue. By then, you might be forgotten all about your hangover.

 BPA-Free Fruit-Infuser Water Bottle, RM35 – Groupon

BPA-free fruit infuser water bottle

Water is one of the best natural remedies for hangover. This bottle should be your ideal companion. It can store drinking water but best of all, you can also mix some fresh cut fruits into the infuser. So, no more excuses about tasteless water.

Haejangguk (South Korea)

Haejangguk (South Korea)

You’ll have to thank the swine, cow and ox for sacrificing their lives in the name of curing your hangover. Well, this dish which literally translated as “soup to remove a hangover” contains pork spine, cow bones and ox blood. Other ingredients include assorted spices and cabbage leaves.

O’Forest Ginger Tea With Brown Sugar, RM36.90 – Rakuten

o forest ginger tea with brown sugarSay goodbye to your nauseous feeling with this sweet-and-spicy ginger drink. All you have to is just add hot water, and off you go.

Green ant tea (Australia)

green ant tea (australia)

Nope, this is not your average store-bought green tea. Instead, this traditional Down Under remedy is actually a tea made from — *gulp* — dried carcases of green ants. Believe it or not, Australians have sworn by this hangover cure for thousands of years.

SKG Juice GS310L Red, RM159 – Lazada

SKG Juicer GS310L Red

Made from scratch-proof stainless steel, this powerful juicer allows up to 30% more juice than your average juicer! With easy-to-operate system, you can juice fruit like apples with minimum fuss.

Leche de Tigre (Peru)

Leche de Tigre (Peru)

The English translation for this drink would be “Tiger Milk”. But fret not, no tigers are sacrificed here. It was rather a (weird) concoction made from coriander, chilis, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, lime juice, fish or other type of seafood.

Radiant Organic Whole Oats, RM16 – Lazada

radiant whole food organic whole oats

Oats can help boost your energy level after a night of booze. Made from 100% certified organic oat flakes, you’ll be pleased with this healthy morning staple.

So there you have it. If you’re adventurous enough, you may try one of these bizarre hangover remedies. Otherwise, there are always tried-and-tested cures that you don’t have to think twice.

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