These Ain’t No Ordinary Popcorns!

Let’s face it: no cinema outing would be complete without snacking a bag of popcorn and a cup of icy soft drink. Usually, salted and caramel-flavoured popcorns are the most common types you can find at the concession counters.

Source: giphy.gif
Source: giphy.gif

However, there are times we get to sample limited-edition flavours such as banana, seaweed wasabi and even satay flavour! Frankly, there’s more to it when comes to unusual popcorn flavours. So without further ado, here goes:


beer popcorn

Imagine if our local cinemas are allowed to sell beer-flavoured popcorns… okay, that is just a wishful thinking. Anyway, the most popular beer-flavoured popcorns would be the one from Missouri-based Pub-Corn. Besides beer, they also offer Irish Crème and even Pina Colada flavour.

Sokany Popcorn Machine, RM85 – Groupon

sokany popcorn machine

You can now make your own homemade popcorn with this nifty machine for just 3 minutes. Best of all, it doesn’t require oil or gas to heat up the popcorn kernels.

Lime and Blueberry

lime and blueberry popcorn

Ever imagine how sweet-and-sour popcorn would taste like? At KuKuRuZa, there’s a unique flavour known as “Beast Corn” – which has a mix of real lime and blueberry. This Seattle-based popcorn shop has several outlets worldwide including Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Cairo and Riyadh.

Act II Microwave Butter Popcorn, RM8.50 – Rakuten

act II butter popcorn

Made from 100% whole grain and 0% trans-fat, this savoury butter popcorn is a perfect microwave snack while playing games or watching movies at home.

Butter Chicken Curry

butter chicken curry popcorn

You’ve gotta hand it over to Japan when comes to weird flavoured combo. In this case, here’s the butter chicken curry flavour from the Frito-Lay’s Mike Popcorn selection. Yes, you read it right: butter + chicken curry (minus the gravy, of course).

Popcorn Maker – Old Fashioned Movie Time, RM110 – Streetdeal

You’ve seen it in the movies or perhaps at the fun fair. Now you can own the portable version at home. Made from high-quality aluminum material, this classic popcorn cart-like popcorn maker is capable to produce up to 1 gallon at a time.

Tandoori Yogurt

tandoori yogurt popcorn

Even the classic India-based Tandoori dish gets popcorn-ed with motley of ingredients: yogurt, lemon juice, beat, tomato, garlic and paprika. Wow, that’s pretty exotic for such popcorn.

O’Choice – Healthy Pop (Multigrain), RM7.90 – Rakuten

o choice healthy popWho said you can’t get healthy from munching popcorns? With O’Choice’s Healthy Pop range, this multi-grain snack is made from oats and variety of grains.

Although you may not get these fascinating popcorn flavours in our local market, there are actually ways to make them at home. Of course, you gotta have plain popcorn as the base ingredient. And from there, the sky’s the limit on how you wanted to flavour them with different recipe (where you can easily look them up from the internet).

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