Tone It Up!

Have you been seeing your friends (regardless of girls or guys) posting photos of them working out and showing their great abs in social media?


Does it stimulate your motivation and desire to have the same great body as them?

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

I’m not sure if this is a new trend or everybody around you is having a healthy lifestyle. It seems that they are challenging you to have a battle of some sort of abs contest. Hmm…You know what? You’re accepting this “challenge”! It’s time to tone it up!

Hate going to gym? No time for workout? Come one, these are not excuses. Abs workout doesn’t necessary need to be long. You absolutely have no obligation to pay for gym session too. It takes only 30 minutes a day for an abs workout session. If you’re determined to start your abs training, the key to success is persistence. Continuous training will definitely lead you to desirable results.

To ease your training session, these are the things that you might need.

Yoga Exercise Mat, RM24.90 – Lazada


Floor is the best place for simple workout at home. But if you don’t feel like hurting your back, yoga mat can do a good job in giving you comfort while you’re working out.

Women Athletic Pants, RM63.49 – Amnig

2Flexibility is the key to perform actions that associate with legs. A pair of great athletic pants with elasticity will give you the great comfort while stretching.

Men Maxforce TIghts – Shorts, RM84.69 – Amnig


Same goes to men. You need a pair of great elasticity pants for flexible actions!

RCL BYMB 625 Massage Gym Ball (With Hand Pump), RM39 – Rakuten

4Got bored with the static routine of your usual workout? You can have a gym ball to play with!

gif 1

RCL Vinyl Dumbbell 1KG, 2KG, 3KG and 5KG, RM16 – RM59 – Rakuten


In case you’re starter in using dumbbell, go for lighter weight then slowly advance to heavier dumbbell according to your capability.

gif 2

Well, the main point of abs training is not just merely showing off your great body. The main point is to encourage people around you that as long as you have strong determination to achieve a goal, you too can achieve anything you desire with satisfactory results!

So, are you ready for abs training now? If you are, it’s time to tone it up by purchasing these necessities! Shop now with Getex to receive cash back reward and maximise your online shopping pleasure!

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