Travel Tips for the Cash Strapped


Living and working in the city can really wear you down, with all the traffic jams, congestions, endless waiting in lines, crowded trains, buses that are never on time and demanding bosses. Sometimes, you just wanna run away and escape to that scenic mountain or sunny beach you saw in a poster somewhere, or maybe it’s a quiet rustic countryside in a log cabin, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


However, you start looking at your bank account and reality hits you. You’re not a millionaire and the international currency exchange rate doesn’t help your dream one little bit. Yup, reality bites.

Here are some ways that you can travel on a shoestring budget, without blowing a hole in your pocket:

#1 Visit Online Websites

For deals on flights, hotel rooms and more, check out online discounts, offers and packages, like the ones on offer here at Getex. Some of the stores that are travel related include AirAsiaGo, Qatar Airways, and Expedia.

#2 Choose Less Popular Flights

Usually flights that leave and arrive at odd times like the wee hours of the morning are less costly than those in the middle of the day. Flights that require a connecting phase rather than direct flights are also a good way to save money, since you are on holiday and not in a rush to reach your destination.

#3 Book Hotels that are Less Crowded

Scout out hotels that are slightly further away from tourist attractions to get cheaper room and board. Alternatively, consider staying at a bed and breakfast, a youth hostel or an inn rather than a true blue hotel. These places can sometimes be half the price of hotels and offer a chance to interact with other traveller.

#4 Go during Off-Seasons

In temperate countries, peak seasons are usually around mid-spring until mid-autumn. Try to avoid these times. For other countries, peak seasons occur surrounding school and national holidays, so try and do a little research.

#5 Ditch the Fancy Tourist Restaurants

Chances are that these restaurants in the tourist area of town will charge you higher for an opportunity to taste local cuisine. Try going off the beaten track and find places that the locals patronize and/or are run by local families, rather than upscale corporations.

#6 Public Transportation

If you can help it, avoid renting a car, unless you’re travelling deep into rural areas where public transport is scarce. If you’re near a city or town, consider taking the subway (a.k.a. the tube, the metro or the train) or buses while travelling within the city or between cities. Avoid taxis as this can really trump up your travel bill.


Hopefully these steps allow you a peaceful and stress-free travel experience. Remember that travelling is meant to open your eyes to unfamiliar cultures and lifestyles, so don’t be too bothered if things don’t always go your way. Going with the flow is the way to go.

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