Wanderlust: Be a Part of Nature at Tremendous Taiwan

Wallawwweeiii! That’s how Portuguese sailors might have jubilated when they first saw “Formosa” – beautiful island, which is now known as Taiwan. It’s widely known for its historical shrines, untouched Mother Nature, sizzling street foods and exciting people. To cut short, gem of nature!


Eliminate chic cuisines, crowd-chocking malls, entrances fees that cost a liver or two and tourist guides that make you yawn even before you start. There are no rules or regulations here, just indulge yourself delightfully.

It’s not about visiting nature, its appreciating the art of God as your home. 

No matter how much we plan before a getaway, the last straw is always the budget. Bearing in mind Ringgit’s tumble and conversion rate – chill people, Taiwan is pretty much affordable.

Yushan (Jade Mountain)

Hiking Yushan

The hotbed of Taiwan is undeniably its majestic mountains. Here is the king of alps, the home to sea of clouds. This peak has transformed plenty of shutterbugs into hikers. Once you reach the summit, panoramic view of mossy greenery, islet islands and overlapping mounts with the backdrop of soothing clouds.  Dude, this is the actual top-of-the-world feeling.

Tip: Start hiking now, we don’t want you to pancit later on.

Hot Springs – Green Island


Astonishingly, Taiwan has more than 150 hot springs, benefiting from “the Ring of Fire” geology, usually a stone’s throw away from mountains. Yes, most hotels have their own upscale and unique hot spring (if you kaya sangat, give a go la). Never miss Green Island, dip yourself into Taiwan’s only saltwater hot spring while watching sunrise. Turn into a rempit, hire a scooter and ride around the island. Adore the breathtaking coastal views and visit the towering lighthouses.

Untouched Temples

Taiwanese people are fairly religious.  Followers of most of the major religions can be found on the island. but most Taiwanese follow Daoism (Taoism) and many combine it with a bit of Buddhism.
Taiwanese people are fairly religious. Followers of most of the major religions can be found on the island. but most Taiwanese follow Daoism (Taoism) and many combine it with a bit of Buddhism. Source: neilwade.com

There are more than 11,000 temples in Taiwan, miraculous – blend of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian temples. Tainan is the oldest city of the country and is home to temples that have stood for centuries. It’s not a regular tourist spot, active worships are still ongoing. If you’re a Sejarah buff, it’s an ocean of ancient information to enthrall.

Sun Moon Lake


The perfect honeymoon simulacra. Surrounded by the miniscule island of Lalu. Sun Moon Lake Ropeways allow you to enjoy the entire view of the lake from the top, old-school artistic boats to bring you around the gleaming lake water, chocolate workshops, butterfly gardens and dumbfounding sunset and sunrise view. Selfies guaranteed.   

Just drill down the reviews below, you’ll get a view.

Cheap & Local Meals


Eating by the streetlights and Malaysians are the best match. From tender meat noodles, snacks with aboriginal ingredients and bubble tea haven! Bubble tea is invented here and ubiquitous, therefore drink and chew all the way. Every town has its night market, get in the crowd. Widespread unique and flavorful meals and cheap souvenirs (don’t worry nah, it looks costly) – you’ll be heavy-hearted to leave.

Somewhat Taiwan isn’t out-and-out renowned as a travel target, which serves as an advantage too. You don’t have the Duhhh feeling when you hit crowd-mob beaches or long queues that test your patience. This sweet potato shaped country brings you closer to nature and yourself.

Don’t need to lie to your boss for cuti all, just show him this article, he’ll be right beside you in the airport.

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