When Foodie Meets Tender: It’s Love at the First Swipe!

Uh, “Tender”? Or is it “Tinder”? There must be a typo error somewhere. Well, if you ever feel that way, fret not, because both Tender and Tinder are actually two different apps.

Most of us know about Tinder, the famous dating app that allows you to swipe left or right until you find your soulmate… we mean… match to chat with.

Now, take that same concept and replace it with something better and meaningful – FOOD. That’s Tender for you, an app that lets you swipe and save the recipe.

tender app

If you’re a big time foodie, you are going to love this app. It’ll make your heart goes bee-bee-pop-pop thinking about the scrumptious fares uploaded on it.

Besides uniting foodies all around the globe, here’s why it’s a must-have app:


1. You can filter your search categories
Looking to make an awesome dessert for your friend’s upcoming birthday celebration? Just click “Dessert” and voila, you can start swiping your ideal recipe! Your favourite ice cream recipe is now at your finger tip.

1.5L ice cream maker
Qili 1.5L Ice Cream Maker, RM98

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, do opt for Qili 1.5L Ice Cream Maker With just one touch of a button, whipping up your yummy dessert has never been this easier.

2. You can save your swipes into a personal cookbook
Assuming you fall in love with “Chocolate Almond Joy Biscuits”. All you need to do is just swipe to the right, and your favourite swipe is automatically stored into “My Cookbook”. How easy is that?

cookie press with 20 designs
Cookie Press with 20 Designs, RM25

Making your own set of cookies doesn’t have to be boring. Why settle with the same old round or square shape, when you can create various designs? Now with Cookie Press, you can mould your cookie shape with 20 beautiful designs to choose from! Press, press, press away!

3. You can share your swipes to various social media
You see, what you swipe from Tender are mostly well-taken food photos. So, you don’t have to worry about the bad lighting, terrible angle or horror of all horror… blurry picture! This means you can have a peace of mind when you share your “Snicker Martini” to your Facebook page.

5-piece cocktail mixing set
Piece Cocktail Mixing Set, RM45

You know what they say about “sharing is caring”, right? That turns out to be true if you plan to make a cocktail. Instead of drinking it alone, why not inviting your friends over and show off your cocktail skill? With this Piece Cocktail Mixing Set, you can mix ’em and shake ’em like Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”.

So, there you have it. Get your phone out and start downloading the app already. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself drooling as you swipe for your favourite recipe.


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