Why You’ve Got to Dine Like a Dinosaur?

Buffet is definitely something that tinkles your enjoyment. Admit it, company annual dinner, college prom night or wedding dinner, a bountiful and scrumptious buffet makes you return with smile. Errmm, at times, good meals determines how much ang-pow you wanna give the couple.


However, those buffets actually play safe on their menu to ensure all of us can makan. Visualize going to a wedding dinner, serving oysters, grilled octopus and dim sums. Some might enjoy yet for the most it’s walking into Fear Factor.

Come on larrrr, we Malaysians eat to live. Here are numerous points why we should be going for more buffets.

Eat All You See!


Plethora of flamboyant and mouthwatering dishes welcomes you in. Woooaahhh! No matter how many rounds you eat, many fail to taste each and every of those appealing food. Series of salads, sauces that you never knew, never-ending choices of ice creams, fluffy cakes, beautifully crafted sushis, varieties of fish and chicken and beverage banks. We don’t even look at vegetables.

Break the Rules

Our parents turn into Dragon Ball Goku whenever we waste food at home or even restaurants. But in buffets, they also close one eye la, because it’s also about experimenting new food, which does not always suit our taste buds.


Moreover, you get to be yourself. Everyone is so busy ommmm nooommm noommm. They just don’t care how you eat. In fine dining restaurants, we drink, cut and even chew so gallantly and elegantly. While cursing the chef – why you no peel off the prawn shell! Can curi-curi loosen up your belt or unbuckle for a while also.

Understanding Other Country

A country’s food points out its culture and style. Get out from your comfort zone, try exciting international cuisines that extends your culinary journey.

Rich and aromatic French pastries, Mexican Tacos with limitless toppings, sizzling Korean Noodles and endless Italian pasta combinations.

Helps you eliminate language barriers and long distance travels – you can get them all in international buffets.

Trying the Unusual

Certain foods are just freaking expensive or we weren’t really trained to eat. Fear of sakit perut also. During buffets, it’s the best time to be adventurous.


My first buffet experience got me puzzled when I saw caviar (salt-cured fish-eggs) for the first time in real. And some were so bising – wow caviar la! I’ve watched people going head over heels in programs and peculiarly gave a go at it. Since then, I registered myself as a caviar aficionado.

Fills all Functions


Sweet-toothed, strictly carnivorous, purely vegetarian, seafood lovers and the boring health conscious people – the whole world is welcomed for a buffet. Therefore, being a product launch, corporate dinners or birthdays (you aint gonna worry about cakes), you’ll never go wrong here.

Feast for Selfies


Yes, you just can’t stop selfies and with diversity of food, Instagram lovers – the stage is set for you guys. Additionally, the upscale interiors and ambiance just invites for more and more captures.

Finally, it’s a Big Bargain

We fill your pockets with cashbacks and remarkable discounts even before you fill your tummy. Aforementioned above, eat all you see. From starters till desserts, tarts till tacos – bill them up individually. *heart attack liaooo* Now you know how much you actually save yet have a good time.

Are you still gonna hit your regular Mamak stall this weekend when feasts are awaiting you?

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