Yogurt, To Infinity And Beyond!

Whether it was low-fat or Greek style in plain or fruit-flavoured varieties, yogurt are a popular pick-me-up snack that you can consume directly from the tub. However, there’s more you can do with yogurt than just scooping a spoonful of this tangy snack straight into your mouth. Without further ado, here are some of the interesting yogurt-based recipes:

Go skinny dipping with different ingredients

yogurt dip

Forget about the typical sour-cream dip. Use yogurt (Greek style is the best since it has creamier consistency) and boost it with extra ingredients. It can be herbs, lemon, mint, garlic, cucumber, cheese, curry, salsa or even peanut butter. Your potato or tortilla chips will no longer have to be bored with the same old dip.

EasiYo Yogurt Maker Set, RM79 – RM139 – Groupon

easiyo yogurt maker

Whipping a homemade yogurt has never been this easy with EasiYo Yogurt Maker Set. Best of all, it can make up to a full 1kg at a time. It’s perfect for your whole family.

When Alfredo meets Greek yogurt

alfredo yogurt sauce

Alfredo is one of the popular pasta sauces packed with heavy cream. If you’re on diet, why don’t substitute your typical Alfredo sauce with Greek yogurt? It has the same creamy consistency, and it’s healthier! You can use corn or potato starch as a thickener, and cooked the Alfredo-style yogurt sauce with pasta of your choice. Add mixed vegetables, cubed chicken breasts and a handful of grated Parmesan cheese, and you’re good to go!

Pasta Reggia 19 Spaghetti, RM3.90 – Rakuten

pasta reggia spaghettiThis high-quality spaghetti is made from pure durum wheat semolina. With no added colouring and preservatives, you can be sure to enjoy the best pasta like a true Italian.

Creamy soup ahoy!

yogurt soup

If you happen to make creamy soup like carrot, pumpkin or sweet potato, you can actually enhance your existing flavour. Just add a dollop of yogurt to give your soup a tarty contrast.

EasiYo Low Fat Greek Yogurt, RM22.10 – Rakuten 

easiyo low fat greek yogurt

Go Mediterranean with this low-fat Greek yogurt. It has no preservatives or any artificial ingredients. You can pre-mix them with honey, sugar, fruit or even your favourite soup!

Make friends with fruits in a blender

yogurt smoothieWhether it was blackcurrant, strawberry or kiwi, don’t settle with just fruits when you make a smoothie. Tossed in a few spoonful of yogurt into the blender, and give your smoothie an extra creamy flavour.

Kenwood SB055 Smoothie Blender, RM119 – Rakuten

kenwood smoothie blender

This easy-to-operate blender is specially made for blending smoothies. With 2 speeds + pulse function, your smoothie will be perfectly blended without annoying chunky bits!

So now you know about the versatility of a yogurt. Experiment them in a different way, and you’ll never see your yogurt the same boring way again.

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